Packaging at the LASIFY Shop

1. Pick-up and delivery address of your transport order
Each transport order requires a full address and details of the contact person, both the sender and the recipient by the client. It must not contain any additions that could lead to misunderstandings or make the processing of the transport order more difficult or impossible. The dispatch note, which the customer receives by e-mail to the e-mail address provided, must be attached to the largest area of ​​the consignment. If the customer is not the sender, the customer has the obligation to forward the shipping document to the sender. In the case of used packaging, all misleading information, e.g. B. old shipping documents or barcodes.

Handwritten changes, requests or information that should be for the driver cannot be taken into account. Please discuss this with us directly.

2. Basics
Shipments are to be packed securely by the sender according to content, type of shipment and scope, so that damage during transport is excluded and the content is protected against loss and damage. Depending on the shipping method selected, the packaging always includes, for example, suitable outer packaging or, depending on the volume, a pallet, suitable inner packaging and a secure closure, if necessary edge protection, tension belts and bubble wrap. For example, a shipment that is too heavy (over 40 kg) or too bulky must be sent on a sufficiently dimensioned pallet, as it may not be able to be carried by one person. The application of the packaging guidelines only serves as an aid and does not release the sender from further checking whether the packaging material used is suitable for the goods to be sent.

3. Secure packaging
The outer packaging must be suitable for the content in such a way that the packed items do not fall out, do not damage other shipments and are not damaged themselves. Adequate inner packaging must be provided and supplemented with fillers. In the case of items that are sensitive to transport, the packaging must be tailored to their particular sensitivity in order to take account of the nature, quantity and all other special features of the respective content in each individual case. The packaging must protect the contents of the shipment against the stresses that it is normally exposed to during shipping (e.g. due to pressure, shock, falling, vibration or temperature influences).
Outer packaging must be sufficiently strong and pressure-resistant. It must also be large enough to accommodate all of the contents and necessary inner packaging items. It must not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the type and value of the goods.
The inner packaging must hold the contents in place and, if there are several parts of the contents, must be padded on all sides.
Resistant materials (e.g. tear-resistant, self-adhesive plastic packing tapes, tension belts or fibre-reinforced wet adhesive tapes) are to be used to seal the parcels, which guarantee the integrity of the shipment.

Only self-adhesive plastic packing tapes with the LASIFY logo are to be used. Only in exceptional cases and after prior consultation are neutral adhesive tapes WITHOUT the sender's logo to be used.

The driver is not authorized, entitled or obliged to check the packaging, information, declaration, content or anything else; the sender is solely responsible for this.

4. Packaging conditions / packaging tips
Please pack your goods to be shipped at least according to the specifications of our packaging tips and packaging guidelines. If damage occurs during transport due to incorrect, incorrect, or no or insufficient packaging, LASIFY no claims for damages can be asserted and the sender is responsible for all costs that may arise as a result. (futile journey, loading aids, outer packaging, storage, returns, etc.) The sender is responsible for proper packaging.
Shipments that cannot be stacked must be clearly marked with this note from all sides and provided with a stacking protection pyramid (cones cannot be stacked), otherwise we are not liable for damage caused by loads.
Parcels sent by parcel services must be able to withstand a fall height of 80 cm and always be packed in a cuboid shape (carton box).
Both the collection and the delivery of your packaged shipment always take place at ground level free curb, unless something else has been booked (2-man transport). The consignment must already be ready for dispatch for the driver on the pick-up day you have booked.
A Euro pallet is an exchange pallet. It must be ensured that the recipient has an exchange pallet on site which the driver can take with him in exchange. If this is not the case, we recommend transport on a one-way pallet. LASIFY does not cover the cost of pallets. These must be negotiated or exchanged with the recipient of the goods.
Lashing straps are load securing and belong to the packaging and not to the goods. We are not liable for missing tension belts. However, you can fix the tension belts under the foil, for example, so that they cannot be removed by the driver to unlock them.
Shipments that are too large or bulky must also be packed on a pallet, strapped down and booked as such, even if they have a minimum weight.
The sender is obliged to label the shipment properly.
A package is a shipping item packed in a cuboid cardboard box and must be able to withstand a possible fall height (conveyor belts) of at least 80 cm.
Bulky goods are bulky goods that are packaged bulky in cardboard and foil.
A one-way pallet can have any size and must be specified when booking, i.e. all information including pallet and packaging.
A Euro pallet must not exceed the standard dimensions of 120 x 80 cm, will not be exchanged by us and must be specified when booking, i.e. all information including pallet and packaging.
No loose packaging, film, adhesive tape or cardboard must protrude from your package. Please fix them in such a way that nothing can protrude.